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Requirement & Fees

Release time:2020-6-2 22:44:54

Requirement and Fees:


These courses cover two subject areas – Chinese language at di erent levels and culture courses in traditional arts and social understanding. The courses are o ered all year round from two weeks to one entire semester.


Start date: each year from early September to early January as Semester 1 and from late February to late July as Semester 2.


There are different types of housing facilities for international students at Gengdan Institute. The on-campus International Center has a fully equipped apartment building with modern facilities for international students. In addition, 4 Chinese student halls will also welcome international students who wish to share accommodation with their Chinese student peers.


Living Cost:

The cost of living will depend on your lifestyle and spending patterns, normally it is around 1,500 – 2,500 RMB per month.