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Exchange and sharing session for senior students majoring in urban planning

Release time:2019-9-28 19:49:54

Recently, the student called Si Zhongli majoring in urban planning at the architecture and environment institute of BGD shared his one-year study experience at Dublin University of Technology with junior students during the English training session for freshmen.   

Si Zhongli said the experience of studying abroad inspired him a lot. Life was not easy in the beginning when he just arrived in Dublin. He had to deal with problems independently and adjusted himself to local cultures. Studying abroad not only brought academic pressure, but also challenges in life such as cultural difference.  Although being ignorant and reluctant at first, he was gradually used to the life in Dublin and being grateful for this valuable experience. He experienced the change and found out this was part of the charm of studying abroad.  


Si Lizhong encouraged the freshmen to prepare for studying abroad from their grades and also shared his experience in preparing for IELTS:

1. Listening: Listen and dictation. For example, you can listen a paragraph and write it down.You can try materials with different accents and it’ll be also helpful for oral English.

2. Reading: Try to read more journals published in English. It's a way to learn how to organize languages in a logic way.

3. Writing: Practice a lot and ask a IELTS teacher to help revise it. The process will help you improve your writing skills.

4. Spoken language: The method is simple and easy. Speaking English with your classmates when you’re in the dormitory. It seems strange, but it really works.

Li Xiaohui,  a senior student who got 6.5 in the IELTS 6.5 test also shared her experience.  The first one it to communicate with foreign teachers. Don't be afraid to make mistakes or have accents. The second it to  listen more. One of the way is to listen to English programmes such as TED and BBC.  And the last one is to do simulated tests to prepare for the real tests.

Through this exchange meeting, students of urban planing learned a lot. They enjoyed the process of sharing and helping each other in this big family.  

Edited: School of Engineering

Translated and Updated: International Office

Source: BGD News (Chinese)