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School of Engineering

Release time:2019-6-2 22:42:15

The School of Engineering is underpinned by a philosophy of multidisciplinary education and it focuses on the application of Science and Technology in industry. SoE supports students to be career ready with the knowledge and skills to make an impact as graduates.


Each year, more than 10 international professors, many with industrial backgrounds, offer over 30 modules through English. SoE aims to be a platform for integrating international educational and local industrial stakeholders to solve real-world problems cooperatively, and to provide students with an international and professional environment of practical based learning.





Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation

Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Design

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Technology

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Information Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Communication Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Internet of Things Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Digital Media Technology

Bachelor of Engineering in Construction Management

Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture 

Bachelor of Engineering in Urban Planning (Full English Programme) More Information    

    –International class with courses delivered fully in English and dual bachelor’s degree in cooperation with Technological University of Dublin